An overview of marketing automation in simple terms.

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Marketing Automation – Let me start by giving you an example to help you understand how marketing automation works.

Here we go …!

Have you ever bought a course through any payment link (Razorpay or Instamojo) and received a personalized email from the course trainer with details, access, and messages about the course?

Have you ever opted for freebies or free courses and received regular lessons tailored to your specific needs?

Have you ever responded to a Facebook ad and given them your email address and contact number and immediately received an SMS or a discount code in your email?

if you have answered yes to any of the above questions, you have become part of this amazing revolution.

Here’s one example of how online course purchases work – Assume you’re looking at a Facebook or Instagram ad for some Course by the trainer and clicking their learn more button.

You will then be redirected to the course’s landing page, from which you will be able to access all the information you need. You will also be given the option to enroll in the course.

That will redirect you towards one payment page.

After paying with Razorpay, you will receive emails from them asking you to join their mailing list (maybe convertkit), you will receive access to the learning platform (like teachable or zenler), and the data from your purchase will be entered into a database or Google Sheet.

Think about this for a moment. Is anyone actually doing these things?

All this is managed by a marketing automation tool, which is easy to use.

Marketing Automation Tools and Systems are basically productivity-boosting systems that simplify your marketing process by connecting your different tools and systems by using APIs and workflows.

Marketers, entrepreneurs, and individuals can simplify their marketing processes with the help of marketing automation tools available in the market.
There are many processes such as lead generation and email marketing that can benefit from these tools and systems.

Those who operate in a large audience area or a company with a large audience use CRM as part of their sales and marketing process.
There is a difference between CRM and marketing automation tools, which I will explain to you in the upcoming sections.

Now let me tell you about the terminologies used in marketing automation.
APIs- Application Programming Interface

The APIs are the most essential and basic component of a marketing automation system, in fact, they are the most vital part of the entire online world.

APIs are used to facilitate communication between Tools, systems, and software.

APIs play a significant role whenever data in the digital world is being shared.

Consider you are a business and your customer has ordered some groceries. Now that the order has been received, how will it be delivered?
a delivery person is necessary, That’s right.
Digital systems are also similar in this respect since if one tool wants to deliver data to another it requires APIs.
In other words, APIs serve as messengers between systems and tools.

Workflow- A workflow is how tools, apps, and software will interact and decide how work will proceed.
Eg. When someone Pay On the Razorpay >> He must be added to the course learning platform (Teachable).

Drip Schedule- Also known as scheduled email distribution, drip schedules are a way of sending personalized emails and engaging course material effectively using automation.

Apps- Essentially, Apps in marketing automation imply different tools, software, or systems.

Update time- Update time is the amount of time it takes for different tools & systems to communicate with each other through APIs.
Eg. If someone pays for a course on Razorpay, they will receive a welcome email from the course learning platform after 5 minutes because it takes 5 minutes to communicate.

Thank you for your time and I hope you get a lot out of this. I hope this has given you a basic knowledge of marketing automation.

We will discuss the different marketing automation tools in the next email, and you will also learn about the difference between the marketing automation course and CRM.

Please feel free to email or reply to this email if you have any queries throughout the course and I will do my best to assist you.

Until then, stay safe and stay happy. We’ll be covering much more in the next articles.

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