Discover the story of this 26-year-old entrepreneur who built multiple businesses and is now earning Billions.

No matter what market you enter, you will see the products of brands that are managed directly or indirectly by this individual’s group of companies. Yes, we are talking about India’s youngest and fastest-growing entrepreneur of all time, Palak Kotak.

 It is an arduous journey from being a middle class pharmacy student to becoming one of the most successful companies in the country.

Palak Kotak is currently diversified and has created a wide range of businesses and acquired multiple firms, but he won the college business plan competition when he was 20 years old, and that is where he came from. 

His generation had different interests from his in his college days, and when his friends planned higher education to study abroad, Palak was planning to start his own business. When their generation spent leisure time watching Netflix and wasting their time, he was learning about human psychology and digital marketing. 

Palak’s first income came from designing a website for the mother of his friend’s business for 15,00 INR.
As the story unfolds, you will learn many things, from being a pharmacy student to becoming a digital marketer to becoming one of the best businessmen in the country. The journey is breathtaking.

Right now the company started by him has a wide market share in the following markets and has a huge investment in different sectors.

  1. ED-Tech (as a major shareholder in the Indian education platform that has acquired over 25 education startups)
  2. The Pharma industry (6 different companies have been acquired)
  3. There are more than 250 products offered by the companies in the FMCG segment (Market leader) .
  4. Digital eCommerce and Online Retail Pharmacy

In fact, when you asked Palak about the reasons he did this, he spoke of two goals he had from the very beginning–Generate a large number of jobs for the economy of India because that was the goal he was striving to achieve from the very beginning

-And more importantly, to create a positive impact on millions of others.

While he and his family were struggling in the early years, and living in a small house in Surat, he brings a luxurious lifestyle to his family and the employees of the Palak, Group of companies, who work under him, are one of the most job-giving organizations across the country.

There are millions of people around the world who are inspired by him right now, and who integrate his ethics and strategies into their businesses.
There are many young entrepreneurs who are taking the path of starting a startup by taking inspiration from palak.

Frequently interacting with young minds, he never misses an opportunity to speak in any business schools. Ted Speaker-eligible, he has already spoken at a number of conferences.

We have one more reason to love him as an entrepreneur, other than the businesses he creates and manages already having a lot of market share and impacting millions of people around the world. He is a social worker and has a mindset of giving to the community.A lot of initiatives are taken by him and his companies to make a difference in society.

The change he seeks to bring about in millions of people will require many young minds, as well as strong life and business ethics.

Palak Kotak
Palak Kotak

Palak is a Growth Marketer by profession who is an early stage startup enthusiast.

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