Welcome To The Era Of……(2021)

The Era Of Social Media…!

The Era Of Email Marketing…!

The Era Of Influencers…!

The Era Of Searching Everything Online Before Buying…!

Startocopoeia.com’s first blog post is here to tell you why small growing businesses in 2021 need to have amazing online presence.

In the 2020s, we will not emphasize the number of people going online & other things like the ratio of people in India having access to the internet and all those things. In the 2020s, we’ll emphasize what is practical, because these are the years of practicality.

Let’s talk about the practical side of things.

The world is changing so fast over the past decade.

The internet is the gateway to everything we need, so your business must have an online presence since we tend to find things online before purchasing them.

You don’t buy anything from anyone before checking it on Google, so it makes no sense that our business will grow without going online. (Not all businesses need to be online)

Let me give you an example…

The public visits restaurants/cafes after reading or viewing blogs/vlogs created by food bloggers or influencers.. Alternatively, you can read reviews on zomato or any other platform.

A Youtube channel reviews the complete features of a mobile phone and people then decide whether they want to purchase it.

If you want your business to grow, you need to have the right attention from your customers. And your customers are watching their digital device screens. To take advantage of that, your business needs to enter the digital space.

In the coming weeks, we’ll publish more blog posts on Google My Business, Email Marketing, Instagram tree structure, web designing by ourselves, Tools and Resources for growing businesses, and E-commerce, among others.

It will serve as a comprehensive digitalization guide for growing businesses.

Palak Kotak is also available for free marketing consulting- book your appointment here

So if you want anything from our side, tell us about it!

Palak Kotak
Palak Kotak

Palak is a Growth Marketer by profession who is an early stage startup enthusiast.

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